Valentine’s day quotes 2018

Valentine’s day quotes 2018

Run by beheading

After some time, he was executed by the murder. He became a victim of martyrdom.

This year went to Rome in 269 CE .. They were sentenced to this day on February 14. That’s why we have that day.

Valentine was subsequently loved by the couple’s “patron saint”.

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The Ruins of Valentin

Valentine’s Ruins The Vatican was preserved in Long Rome. Irish Catholic priest John Spratt delivered a sermon in Pope Gregory XVI in 1835, when he received the gift of the remains of Ireland’s Valentine home with him.

These fossils are now in the White Friar Street Church in Dublin. Come public and see it is out of church every year on Valentine’s Day.

From the statues of Valentines originated today

As of Valentine’s Day on February 14, you can also really find couples who were paired by a lot where Lupercal statues and Faunus descended from the Roman celebration. Use this celebration will be held on 15th February.

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Avgudafesten “Christians”

The Catholic Church with the main Pope Gelasius 498 “Christianity” in Roman avgudafesten Pope Gelasius did this on Valentines Day from February 14th.

The Roman Catholic Church “Christianity” in pagan festivals was already a very common approach.