Funny Valentines Day Memes 2018

Funny Valentines Day Memes 2018

In French we refer to Valentine as ” La Saint-Valentin (La Saint Valantin)”. In France, it is familiar as “La fête des amoureux” (lovers’ festival).
In the first place, it is said that Valentine’s Day was made for those in love in the 15th century, but the origin of this festival seems to be mysterious now as “love”.

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In France in the 1990’s, Valentine’s Day became very popular (commercialized), and now the city’s show windows are decorated with pink and a bright red heart.
However, as in Japan, girls do not have a custom of giving boys a chocolate.
Valentine ‘s day in France is a special day for lovers who give cards and gifts to loved ones, regardless of gender, and spend time in love with each other. For common patterns, boys will present a red rose to “mon amour” and dinner together for two love love.
When you spend Valentine’s Day in the city of passion, Paris, we recommend you to reserve a restaurant in advance!

Writing a Valentine card in French

♥ Valentine’s celebration in French is one of the following three statements.
Bring your boyfriend / her ♥ to a person you love, in French and awful words!

Joyeuse Saint Valentin. [Joieir Saint Valentin]

Bonne Saint Valentin. [Bonneu Saint Valentin]

Heureuse Saint Valentin. [U Wells Saint Valentin]

♥ French Love Story (Love Letter)
This is a word given to a person of a favorite.

Je t’aime.
Joyeuse Saint Valentin!
I love you.
Happy Valentine!

Post : Funny Valentines Day Memes 2018

Tu es mon amour et je t’aime tout (e) entier (ère).
You are my loved one. I love you all.

J’aime tes qualités et j’aime tes défauts.
Joyeuse Saint Valentin!
I like your strengths and weaknesses.
Happy Valentine!

Ma plus belle histoire d’amour, c’est toi.
My most wonderful love story, that is you.

J’aime bien être avec toi. I
want to stay with you.