Valentines Day Poems 2018

Valentines Day Poems 2018

Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on 14th February ie tomorrow. On 14th February, Lover is celebrated as Valentine’s Day around the world, and she lends a message of love to her beloved mother. There is no strong bondage like love. The lioness does not cut the lotus, because it is loved by her. Lover who celebrates this love day will rarely have the idea that on the name of which she is celebrating this day, Sant Valentine sentenced to be stoned to death.

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There was. In ancient Rome, in 269 AD, Claudius II became a emperor. It was expected to conquer the world. So he wanted to recruit young people in the army, but he felt that married men did not agree to join the army. His love for family, especially his love for a beautiful young wife, prevents young man from joining the army. Youth can not handle the bondage of love. That is why the emperor has forbidden the marriage. The young man approached the church priest Saint Valentine, who is bound by mutual love or whose engagement has been decided.

The heart of this saint who gave the message of peace in the world was overcome by the cruel order of the emperor, and in the pitiable state of Yuwane, he started giving the marriage of the Youth to the church in front of the emperor. Eventually, that’s what happened. Some emperor’s court judge gave information to the emperor with this work from Center Valentine.

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Valentin was arrested and sentenced to death by stabbing him. When all his young lover Hanya was killed on February 14 by killing this very kindly saint of marriage formula, his head was cut from the torso. Since the beginning of 269, it is celebrated on 14th February 270 in honor of this saint who loved lover, this day is celebrated as Valentine’s Day as a symbol of love.