Valentine Day List 2018

Valentine Day List 2018

Apart from this, another mythological validity is prevalent. Her hero is also Saint Valentine. It is said that Saint Valentine was in love with a visionary daughter of a jailer in Rome. In exchange for love, he was executed … If he was asked for his final wish before Saint Valentine was killed, heexpressed his desire to write a letter to his blind girlfriend
. That was in reality a love letter.

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It is said that Saint Valentine had donated his eyes to his lover too. His sacrifice in love made him immortal. By doing so, they are becoming a synonym of love and pushing the hearts of lovers around the world as breathing.
This love of love lends a lot of love to lovers of many countries of the world. And Valentina in Day has become a big fan of her love affair.

It has become an opportunity to combine long-pressed hidden issues. Valentin speaks a little more to hear more than a little complaining Nokazak roses or gifting and confessing love … Many lover birds around the world are eagerly waiting for this day.

The Day celebrations on February 14 velenta in practice so as ヘthe transaction sanskrtatini Egyptians. In fact, in our Hindu culture, spring is called the love affair and expression of love also happens in the same season.

According to our culture, there is a whole spring for the congratulations of love. Many poets have given a lot of significance for the spring. In one sentence, love and love are the only spring left in the spring, while Valentine’s Day is only a one-day festival. Is becoming popular. In today’s younger generation, this festival is being unraveled as if it has become a part of her life.

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On Valentine’s day, most of the young people, who give their message to the favorite person, tell them that you are very dear to them. Whether you like it or I love you … In such a message, a lover or girlfriend may be given a favor to our brother or sister or anyone who loves us over any person.