Happy Valentines Day Whises 2018

Happy Valentines Day Whises 2018

February 14

The Catholic Church appointed all loving couple’s patron saint Valentin and his festddag was laid on February 14.

So it was around 400 years that the Catholic Church began to celebrate St. Valentine on February 14th.

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February 14th and Lovebirds

Another reason that the day of love has been appointed on this day is that it is lovebirds pair up or that is said to be that.

In the Middle Ages began to celebrate Valentine in England. It was the first day of spring. There was imagination of birds that began to embrace that day.

These youths wondered who will be their valentines. Who will they live with for next year?


In Sweden, even the pair girls and boys has been such a tradition, but then it is located in Pentecost.

N began with a custom in Sweden for celebrating Valentine’s Day in the 1950s. They sold heart-shaped geléhallonet.

In the 1990s, the celebration began to take off. This may be what I believe that you rarely need to think about. Merchants want to get things sold …

Post : Happy Valentines Day Whises 2018


Valentines Day or Valentine’s Day is therefore a dilemma of paganism, Christianity and commercial interests. Just think of all the cards sold, and flowers, sold at this day.