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of the example sentence is a sentence example of a personal letter (personal mail). An example sentence accompanying Valentine’s Day ‘s chocolate.— For favorite — My
favorite Shoichi.
I made handmade chocolate and cookies. Please accept my feelings and presents.Happy Valentine`s Day!
I will give you a chocolate with my feelings in Holy Valentine.
I am happy if I can get along little by little.

I dare to give a chocolate. No way I never thought that I would give chocolate?
I thought of being one only from One of them …

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— for in-law —
Jiro Ji!
It is “obligation chocolate” bought by all the female officials. I look forward to working with you.
I am looking forward to the White Day.
* Some male officials are also giving out money. (Laugh)

Thank you always. It is not interesting in just obligation chocolate, so this year I have found something like this. The client got angry and narrowed down to his boss. Please devote your stress.

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○ ○ We always take care of you. Alcohol may actually be better than sweet things, but I will give you obligation chocolate with a message to avoid drinking too much.

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