Valentine’s day 2018

Valentine was sentenced

The ban challenged Valentin and many weddings for young couples. Therefore, he was sentenced to death by imprisonment and Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

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When Valentine was imprisoned to wait for his execution so he gave flowers to them that they were done by the many young people who left me small messages telling me that they did the right thing, and they also believed in that love.

The Origins of Valentine’s Day Card

In prison, he met the jailer’s daughter.

The daughter used to come up with food, and messages to them.

Valentine fell into love with the jailer’s daughter.

In prison, he managed to smuggle a card for her. There is a custom origin of why you have sent each other to this day of cards.

Valentin signed “Your Valentine” card.

Post : Valentine’s day 2018

Jailer blind daughter

It is another story that made the prisoner’s daughter blind and claimed that Valentin helped her to regain the sight.

It was forever forever that Valentine also wrote an appeal to the card for anyone:

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