Valentines Day Poems 2018

Valentines Day Poems 2018

Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on 14th February ie tomorrow. On 14th February, Lover is celebrated as Valentine’s Day around the world, and she lends a message of love to her beloved mother. There is no strong bondage like love. The lioness does not cut the lotus, because it is loved by her. Lover who celebrates this love day will rarely have the idea that on the name of which she is celebrating this day, Sant Valentine sentenced to be stoned to death.

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There was. In ancient Rome, in 269 AD, Claudius II became a emperor. It was expected to conquer the world. So he wanted to recruit young people in the army, but he felt that married men did not agree to join the army. His love for family, especially his love for a beautiful young wife, prevents young man from joining the army. Youth can not handle the bondage of love. That is why the emperor has forbidden the marriage. The young man approached the church priest Saint Valentine, who is bound by mutual love or whose engagement has been decided.

The heart of this saint who gave the message of peace in the world was overcome by the cruel order of the emperor, and in the pitiable state of Yuwane, he started giving the marriage of the Youth to the church in front of the emperor. Eventually, that’s what happened. Some emperor’s court judge gave information to the emperor with this work from Center Valentine.

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Valentin was arrested and sentenced to death by stabbing him. When all his young lover Hanya was killed on February 14 by killing this very kindly saint of marriage formula, his head was cut from the torso. Since the beginning of 269, it is celebrated on 14th February 270 in honor of this saint who loved lover, this day is celebrated as Valentine’s Day as a symbol of love.


Valentines Day Pictures 2018

Valentines Day Pictures 2018

Unnecessary facts about Valentine’s Day:

  • Pope Gelasius 498 CE Announced February 14 as St. Valentine’s Day
  • If they do not get anything on Valentine’s Day, 53% of women surveyed choose to dump her boyfriend.
  • The first Valentine’s Day box of chocolate was introduced by Richard Cadbury in 1868th
  • 15% of US women send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day.
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  • About 1 billion valentine cards are sent worldwide each year.
  • Women buy only 23%, while 73% of flowers are bought by men.
  • Around the world, he is given 50 million roses in connection with Valentine’s Day every year.
  • 64% of American men do not plan in advance for romantic Valentine’s Day with their loved ones.
  • 9 million Americans buy Valentine’s Day gifts for their pet.
  • Chocolate and sweets are sold for $ 1.11 billion associated with Valentine’s Day.
  • Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet took place in Verona, where around 1,000 characters get Juliet addressed for each Valentine’s Day.
  • Women buy 85% of all Valentine’s Day cards.
  • More than 36 million heart-shaped chocolate boxes will be sold for Valentine’s Day.
  • Children receive 39% of all Valentine’s Day candies and gifts.

Great love

It is said that when someone sent Jesus to die for our sins when we were still sinful, great love is that anyone has met God.

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When you believe and receive this risen and living in Jesus, you will experience forgiveness of sins, eternal life and true love!

Happy Valentines Day Whises 2018

Happy Valentines Day Whises 2018

February 14

The Catholic Church appointed all loving couple’s patron saint Valentin and his festddag was laid on February 14.

So it was around 400 years that the Catholic Church began to celebrate St. Valentine on February 14th.

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February 14th and Lovebirds

Another reason that the day of love has been appointed on this day is that it is lovebirds pair up or that is said to be that.

In the Middle Ages began to celebrate Valentine in England. It was the first day of spring. There was imagination of birds that began to embrace that day.

These youths wondered who will be their valentines. Who will they live with for next year?


In Sweden, even the pair girls and boys has been such a tradition, but then it is located in Pentecost.

N began with a custom in Sweden for celebrating Valentine’s Day in the 1950s. They sold heart-shaped geléhallonet.

In the 1990s, the celebration began to take off. This may be what I believe that you rarely need to think about. Merchants want to get things sold …

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Valentines Day or Valentine’s Day is therefore a dilemma of paganism, Christianity and commercial interests. Just think of all the cards sold, and flowers, sold at this day.

Valentine’s day quotes 2018

Valentine’s day quotes 2018

Run by beheading

After some time, he was executed by the murder. He became a victim of martyrdom.

This year went to Rome in 269 CE .. They were sentenced to this day on February 14. That’s why we have that day.

Valentine was subsequently loved by the couple’s “patron saint”.

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The Ruins of Valentin

Valentine’s Ruins The Vatican was preserved in Long Rome. Irish Catholic priest John Spratt delivered a sermon in Pope Gregory XVI in 1835, when he received the gift of the remains of Ireland’s Valentine home with him.

These fossils are now in the White Friar Street Church in Dublin. Come public and see it is out of church every year on Valentine’s Day.

From the statues of Valentines originated today

As of Valentine’s Day on February 14, you can also really find couples who were paired by a lot where Lupercal statues and Faunus descended from the Roman celebration. Use this celebration will be held on 15th February.

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Avgudafesten “Christians”

The Catholic Church with the main Pope Gelasius 498 “Christianity” in Roman avgudafesten Pope Gelasius did this on Valentines Day from February 14th.

The Roman Catholic Church “Christianity” in pagan festivals was already a very common approach.

Valentine’s day 2018

Valentine’s day 2018

Valentine was sentenced

The ban challenged Valentin and many weddings for young couples. Therefore, he was sentenced to death by imprisonment and Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

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When Valentine was imprisoned to wait for his execution so he gave flowers to them that they were done by the many young people who left me small messages telling me that they did the right thing, and they also believed in that love.

The Origins of Valentine’s Day Card

In prison, he met the jailer’s daughter.

The daughter used to come up with food, and messages to them.

Valentine fell into love with the jailer’s daughter.

In prison, he managed to smuggle a card for her. There is a custom origin of why you have sent each other to this day of cards.

Valentin signed “Your Valentine” card.

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Jailer blind daughter

It is another story that made the prisoner’s daughter blind and claimed that Valentin helped her to regain the sight.

It was forever forever that Valentine also wrote an appeal to the card for anyone:

Happy Valentines Day Messages 2018

Happy Valentines Day Messages 2018

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th. Then you pay a little extra attention that you like with cards gift and gifts.

But what is the foundation, the foundation of this tradition? Is it Christian or something else?

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Coming to the Catholic Church

As well as on most occasions they have originated from Valentine’s Day Catholic Church. This day is also called Valentine’s Day. Valentin is a Catholic saint.

The monk valentin

There are some myths about Valentin, but one of the best known is this: Valentine’s 200 was a Christian priest living in Rome. He was a monk in Italy and a bishop of Terni. Then called Interamne.

Ross.She used to pick flowers in the garden and give them young lovers. That’s why they usually give flowers to each other on this day.
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Young married gets married

In this time, the Emperor, Claudius II was a law, the young couple did not get married.

The reason for the ban was because the Claudius wanted unmarried soldiers in his army second.

They mean that they did not want to leave their wives, girlfriends and families to take part in bloody battles.

Valentine Day List 2018

Valentine Day List 2018

Apart from this, another mythological validity is prevalent. Her hero is also Saint Valentine. It is said that Saint Valentine was in love with a visionary daughter of a jailer in Rome. In exchange for love, he was executed … If he was asked for his final wish before Saint Valentine was killed, heexpressed his desire to write a letter to his blind girlfriend
. That was in reality a love letter.

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It is said that Saint Valentine had donated his eyes to his lover too. His sacrifice in love made him immortal. By doing so, they are becoming a synonym of love and pushing the hearts of lovers around the world as breathing.
This love of love lends a lot of love to lovers of many countries of the world. And Valentina in Day has become a big fan of her love affair.

It has become an opportunity to combine long-pressed hidden issues. Valentin speaks a little more to hear more than a little complaining Nokazak roses or gifting and confessing love … Many lover birds around the world are eagerly waiting for this day.

The Day celebrations on February 14 velenta in practice so as ヘthe transaction sanskrtatini Egyptians. In fact, in our Hindu culture, spring is called the love affair and expression of love also happens in the same season.

According to our culture, there is a whole spring for the congratulations of love. Many poets have given a lot of significance for the spring. In one sentence, love and love are the only spring left in the spring, while Valentine’s Day is only a one-day festival. Is becoming popular. In today’s younger generation, this festival is being unraveled as if it has become a part of her life.

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On Valentine’s day, most of the young people, who give their message to the favorite person, tell them that you are very dear to them. Whether you like it or I love you … In such a message, a lover or girlfriend may be given a favor to our brother or sister or anyone who loves us over any person.

Custom Valentine’s Day Cards Ideas 2018

Custom Valentine’s Day Cards Ideas 2018

Valentine’s day … February 14th, Valentine’s Day ends the eve of the younger generation … A day to remove the sweetness of lovers … It is not easy to express feelings of inner feelings in words.The mind wants to say a lot of things but can not be called. Hundreds of Armani are bouncing in heart but Jigar does not support and remains in the mind. Valentine’s Day is the means to overcome such a lot of lovers …

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Many countries of the world celebrate Valentine’s day not only on February 14 but also as Valentine’s Day. If there is no specific age, time, moment or moment of love then why it has been chosen for a special day to confess love. According to mythological tradition, Valentine’s Day is associated with Valentine’s Day. They were pastors in Rome. The event is from the third century. In those days Rome was ruled by Emperor Claudius.

The Emperor had the conviction that a man in love or a married man could never be a good soldier.So he announced that any popular marriage between the army and the governance system would not be able to get married. Not only this, the people of the king who refused to obey this command were sentenced to death. The emperor’s order was not liked by Saint Valentine and he had a bitter spay against his opposition. He married many lovers

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They were angry at the Emperor’s knowledge and he sentenced Sant Valentiner to death. Valentine’s day, the day that Saint Valentine was felicitated for lovers, was the day of the 14th February … Since then, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February every year in the memory of Saint Valentine.

Cute Valentines Day Sayings 2018

Cute Valentines Day Sayings 2018

Love is not loved: Raj, if the true term of world love is to be found, then human beings should decrease their distance: Nimsa

The definition of selfless love has left a loving message throughout the millennium of love, explaining to Saint Valentine before the centuries. Earlier, in the western countries, the equation of love of this saint has been commemorating today’s day.

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Over time, nowadays, young people remain vulnerable to believe in Valentine’s Day in India. Goddess of love, too, is sharing similar messages. One or a kind of imitation of the Western culture has been repeatedly being opposed across India. In this Sanjogo, some straps are accepted in one or the other way.

Jockeys are not able to get the junk of the definition of selfless love in Radha and Mira with the character of Krishna in Indian culture. Thus, love is a renunciation, but in the modern era, there are many people in the name of love.

But Goddess Yudhoya, bound by the twilight of love of the two-letter love of love, is related to this strange feeling, which is paralyzed by her husband, and her husband, husband and wife, are being pursued with love. Three years ago, studying at Godhra college, Raju, who was tied to love in the East, says that love does not happen, it gets done.

Love is not inferior nor does it cross any kind of boundaries. At that time, facing the social and economic crisis, we are now moving forward towards our loving life.

The only way Joe helped me in the past is that we can be steadfast. On the other hand, Raju’s girlfriend Cheyedi fills the East in the East, adding that we are not born of this birt but births have been created for our support. Likewise, Nimsa, captivated by only one eye on another on the day of Valentine’s Day before some years, says that if people of the world really understand the true connotation of love, then any distinction between the genes will decrease. Some of the fights can be dealt with lovingly. When Nimsa is said to have been healed, she says that the path of love is so barbed. But if you have true and selfish love, nature remains with you.

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The love of love is not only the love of youth but the brother-in-law, the friend, the son’s love for the son or brother and sister is the invention of Valentine’s Day. The Yavapada in the heart of the Vedanti-Sindhi culture is in the east of Valentine’s Day, in the city of Godhra, red roses Some traders have been selling the flowers of roses up to 25 rupees.

Funny Valentines Day jokes 2018

Funny Valentines Day jokes 2018

Je crois que je suis tombé (e) amoureux (euse) de toi.
I might have fallen in love with you.

Je n’arrête pas de penser à toi. My
head is full of you.

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Je me sens bien avec toi. My
heart gets relaxed with you.

Mon amour pour toi s’accroît de jour en jour.
The thought for you is just solicit every day.

Je suis fou (folle) amoureux (euse) de toi.
I love you very much.

♡ Still, for those who are not very friendly:

Je dois vous avouer que je suis amoureux (euse) de vous.
I confess that I love you.

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“Le coup de foudre”, avant de vous rencontrer, je n’y croyais pas. Maintenant, je sais que ça existe.
I could not believe it until I saw you “love at first sight”, but what I really do is understood.


Funny Valentines Day Memes 2018

Funny Valentines Day Memes 2018

In French we refer to Valentine as ” La Saint-Valentin (La Saint Valantin)”. In France, it is familiar as “La fête des amoureux” (lovers’ festival).
In the first place, it is said that Valentine’s Day was made for those in love in the 15th century, but the origin of this festival seems to be mysterious now as “love”.

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In France in the 1990’s, Valentine’s Day became very popular (commercialized), and now the city’s show windows are decorated with pink and a bright red heart.
However, as in Japan, girls do not have a custom of giving boys a chocolate.
Valentine ‘s day in France is a special day for lovers who give cards and gifts to loved ones, regardless of gender, and spend time in love with each other. For common patterns, boys will present a red rose to “mon amour” and dinner together for two love love.
When you spend Valentine’s Day in the city of passion, Paris, we recommend you to reserve a restaurant in advance!

Writing a Valentine card in French

♥ Valentine’s celebration in French is one of the following three statements.
Bring your boyfriend / her ♥ to a person you love, in French and awful words!

Joyeuse Saint Valentin. [Joieir Saint Valentin]

Bonne Saint Valentin. [Bonneu Saint Valentin]

Heureuse Saint Valentin. [U Wells Saint Valentin]

♥ French Love Story (Love Letter)
This is a word given to a person of a favorite.

Je t’aime.
Joyeuse Saint Valentin!
I love you.
Happy Valentine!

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Tu es mon amour et je t’aime tout (e) entier (ère).
You are my loved one. I love you all.

J’aime tes qualités et j’aime tes défauts.
Joyeuse Saint Valentin!
I like your strengths and weaknesses.
Happy Valentine!

Ma plus belle histoire d’amour, c’est toi.
My most wonderful love story, that is you.

J’aime bien être avec toi. I
want to stay with you.

Valentine Day HD wallpaper Free Download 2018 – Valentine’s Day message collection

Valentine Day HD wallpaper Free Download 2018 – Valentine’s Day message collection
 field: collection of example sentences
◆ Description
of the example sentence is a sentence example of a personal letter (personal mail). An example sentence accompanying Valentine’s Day ‘s chocolate.— For favorite — My
favorite Shoichi.
I made handmade chocolate and cookies. Please accept my feelings and presents.Happy Valentine`s Day!
I will give you a chocolate with my feelings in Holy Valentine.
I am happy if I can get along little by little.

I dare to give a chocolate. No way I never thought that I would give chocolate?
I thought of being one only from One of them …

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— for in-law —
Jiro Ji!
It is “obligation chocolate” bought by all the female officials. I look forward to working with you.
I am looking forward to the White Day.
* Some male officials are also giving out money. (Laugh)

Thank you always. It is not interesting in just obligation chocolate, so this year I have found something like this. The client got angry and narrowed down to his boss. Please devote your stress.

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○ ○ We always take care of you. Alcohol may actually be better than sweet things, but I will give you obligation chocolate with a message to avoid drinking too much.